Empower Compensation Plan

Empower Network Compensation Plan

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Estimated earnings based on actuals – (see the disclaimer)

WW Rank = World Wide Rank

Based on the 8,200+ top earners rankings as of April 2013 from www.businessforhome.org

WW Rank
Est. Month
Est. Year
17Vick Strizheus$360,000$4,320,000
20David Wood and David Sharpe$350,000$4,200,000
88Tony & Jessica Rush$150,000$1,800,000
100Lawrence Tam$130,000$1,560,000
302Aaron and Sophia Rashkin$85,000$1,020,000
325Paul Olefirenko$80,000$960,000
423Justin Verrengia$70,000$840,000
427Tracey Walker$70,000$840,000
432Charles Marshall$68,000$816,000
436Shaqir Hussyin$68,000$816,000
446Chris Record$65,000$780,000
472Tissa Godavitarne$63,000$756,000
849Jon Mroz$35,000$420,000
853Layla Staats$35,000$420,000
854Lisa Diane$35,000$420,000
861Rob Fore$35,000$420,000
881Alex Zubarev$32,000$384,000
888Chris Campbell and Jones$31,000$372,000
930Laura Parrish$30,000$360,000
943Simon Stepsys$30,000$360,000
1947Mack Zidon$24,000$288,000
1962Nicole Ramasko$24,000$288,000
2007Scott Thompson$22,500$270,000
2031Franco Gonzalez$22,000$264,000
2051Nicole Cooper$22,000$264,000
2068Nick Brambie$21,500$258,000
2071Alan Cosens$21,000$252,000
2076Carol Douthitt$21,000$252,000
2117John Wells$21,000$252,000
2204Dini and Ted Nuyten$20,000$240,000
2335Kris and Jessica Barty$19,500$234,000
2337Mike Hobbs and Adam Whiting$19,200$230,400
2372Raven Starre$19,000$228,000
2424Stone Evans$18,000$216,000
2434Kelly Williams$17,500$210,000
2435Terence Tam$17,400$208,800
2439Dwayne Pyle$17,000$204,000
2455Brandon Koon$16,500$198,000
2456Des and Dana$16,500$198,000
3783Bryan Addison$15,000$180,000
3865Ed Przybyiski$15,000$180,000
4206Thed Sims$15,000$180,000
4262Paul Hutchinga$14,450$173,400
4299Barbie Zabel$13,500$162,000
4300Mark Call$13,500$162,000
4302Chris and Susan Beesley$13,400$160,800
4310Eric Green$13,200$158,400
4326Debbie Turner$13,000$156,000
4335Jeff Gardner$13,000$156,000
4545Martin Wilson$12,000$144,000
4612Matthew Kidnan$11,700$140,400
4617Ashley and Jermaine Steele$11,500$138,000
4619Clay Montgomery$11,500$138,000
4620Ola and Shota Abitogun$11,500$138,000
4622Tom Quach$11,500$138,000
4639Samuel Levitz$11,200$134,400
4668Marc Barrett$11,000$132,000
4713Scott Ziateff$10,800$129,600
4732Jaime Soriano$10,500$126,000
4760Dann Sanderson$10,200$122,400
4877Jose Rivera$10,000$120,000
5027Beau Bridgewater$9,600$115,200
5028Stefan Dessalines$9,600$115,200
5041John Chatman$9,500$114,000
5042Niamh Arthur$9,500$114,000
5068Robert Mercado$9,300$111,600
5079Andrea Petoskey$9,200$110,400
5080Todd Dowell$9,200$110,400
5103Cristina Munoz$9,000$108,000
5122Success Luminary$9,000$108,000
5143Kit Elliott$8,800$105,600
5144Robert Probst$8,800$105,600
5177Ryan Colsson$8,600$103,200
5218Peter Day$8,400$100,800
5341Ronda and Mark Coccio$8,000$96,000
5446Aaron Chen$7,500$90,000
5448Brian Bear$7,500$90,000
5449Darren Little$7,500$90,000
5473Thomas McMurrain$7,400$88,800
5478Jason Moffatt$7,300$87,600
5479Jason Nedrow$7,300$87,600
5486Greg Onischuk$7,200$86,400
5505Amy Starr$7,000$84,000
5525Kevin & Melissa Knecht$7,000$84,000
5589Cynthia Social Cowgirl$6,500$78,000
5591Joe McVoy$6,500$78,000
5592Jordan Alfredsson$6,500$78,000
5593Peter Sorensen$6,500$78,000
5598CS Leong$6,300$75,600
5607Robert Anderson$6,200$74,400
5610University of Internet Sciences$6,200$74,400
5615Juanita Waterman$6,100$73,200
5685Bob Ullman$6,000$72,000
5727Chris Rocheleau$6,000$72,000
5882Greg Davis$6,000$72,000
5925James D Alesandro$6,000$72,000
5948Jeff Buchanan$6,000$72,000
6088Lourens Haasbroek$6,000$72,000
6837Aniko Giampietro$5,000$60,000
6902Bradley Gillies$5,000$60,000
6961Chris Bernardo$5,000$60,000
7031Don Glanville$5,000$60,000
7198Jamison Palmer$5,000$60,000
7222Jem Tang$5,000$60,000
7235Jerry Maurer$5,000$60,000
7263Jordan Schultz$5,000$60,000
7351Kris Darty$5,000$60,000
7414Live Free Marketing$5,000$60,000
7447M Kidman$5,000$60,000
7810Ryan Farmer$5,000$60,000
7811Ryan Hartman & Josh Schoenly$5,000$60,000
7849Seven Figure Society$5,000$60,000
7888Sola Fide Holdings LLC$5,000$60,000
8044Vanessa Levitz$5,000$60,000
8079Will Bingham$5,000$60,000



Empower Network pays a commission pursuant to the current compensation plan, which is available here. The data shown below is current for the date range shown and is updated frequently. Study our commission structure and the data below. Discuss our company with professional advisors and experienced affiliate marketers before deciding to purchase or promote any of Empower Network’s products. Empower Network does not guarantee that you will make any money from your use or promotion of our products and services.

The amount of hours worked required to achieve the stated income varies by participant. The estimates provided above were the result of an informal sampling of Empower Network participants. Basically, it takes hard work to make substantial income in this business, and some people make no money at all. The income statistics above are for all active affiliates world wide for the dates specified above, are based in US dollars, and updated daily. An ‘active affiliate’ is defined as someone who: 1) Has executed an affiliate application; 2) has qualified to earn commissions; 3) has received at least one direct commission in the last 30 days; 4) has either an approved merchant account, or integrated a payment method in the members area; and 5) has not been terminated, or chosen to discontinue for any reason.